History of Thai Massage

Art of classical Thai massage was formed under the influence of the ancient culture of China and India about 2500 years ago and is still in Thailand massage successfully replaces the familiar to us traditional medicine. The founder of Thai massage is considered an Indian doctor and close friend of the Buddha Jivaka Kumar Bhasha, or as it is affectionately called the Thais, "Dr. Shivaka", "Doctor-Father".


In Thailand, there are two styles of performance of massage: the North and South. Southern-style massage is taught in the temple of Wat Po in Bangkok. The second most famous center of traditional Thai massage became the city of Chiang Mai, where she teaches art of the Northern style. In contrast to South School, which uses a tough, often painful work with the energy channels in North School focuses on soft twisting and stretching exercises, reminiscent of yoga asanas. Through these exercises, Thai massage and bought in the West second name - "yoga massage".


We practice it is Northern style, as it allows you to pay particular attention to problem areas of the human body and to choose an individual package for each guest, deviating from the strict implementation of certain techniques of massage in the Southern style.