Thai massage involves elaboration of your entire body from the toes to the tips of the hair. The scheme is constructed in such a session: the first half - a relaxing pressure point massage and lymphatic drainage, which will bring you into a state of drowsiness (pleasure for the soul), and the second half - yoga-twisting and stretching, a kind of passive gymnastics (a treat for the body).


Thai massage requires a sincere and good relations between the masseur and the patient. Therefore, during the massage is performed mantra (prayer) in which we pray for the one whom we touch, so he was happy and every disease has been conquered.

Traditional Thai Massage

We offer guests a special clothing made of natural fabrics, free breed. Basic techniques impacts on the human body, which use the wizard - is pressing, stretching and twisting. The last two are borrowed in Yoga, which is why Thai massage is also called "passive yoga". The maximum effectiveness of massage therapy is achieved through influence not only the fingers and palms, but also elbows, knees, feet, whole body. At the end of the session your spine and muscles become more flexible, and his thoughts clear and calm.


Thai foot massage.

Reflexology foot runs through his fingers and a special wooden stick with high quality massage oils, balms and creams. The feet are acupressure points related to all the internal organs of the human body, which is why point impact on them is most effective. This type of massage is recommended as the people leading a sedentary lifestyle, and those who spends much time on their feet. One it helps to improve blood circulation, others relieves fatigue and swelling.




Massage with aromatic oils

This kind of Thai massage - a charming mix of muscle and acupressure with aromatic oils from Thailand, a soft manual therapy and extraordinary tenderness hands of the master. Combines two therapeutic functions: massage and aromatherapy. Inhalation of medicinal odors save you a headache, runny nose, colds, stress, insomnia and general fatigue.



Massage with herbal bags.

Massage with herbal bags-one of the oldest ways of restoring the body, which combines gentle warmth (by heating of biologically active points), aromatherapy and massage muscle tissue. The massage is performed bags linen stuffed with medical flowers and herbs. Herbs in turn contribute to the improvement of the skin, removal of toxins from the body, getting rid of the swelling and fluid retention in the body. After the massage, improving the activity of sebaceous and sweat glands, improves blood flow, the skin is cleaned of dead cells. Massage with herbal bags will give you not only pleasant, but also will fill your body with vital energy.



Massage of back and neck area.

This type of massage will have on the soul of those who are experiencing pain in his back, shoulders, arms and did not have enough time to complete a massage. In just half an hour master relaxes back muscles, the gate area, which will give you the feeling of my wings. 





This is a unique procedure that without the help of injections and surgical intervention solves the problems associated with morphological changes cozies works effectively with facial wrinkles,frown,improves skin tone,shape oval lizarraga consists of five stages:
-lymphatic drainage (discharge tissues of the face,neck and neckline from excess fluid);
-relaxation (deep relaxation needed for proper operation with the accumulated emotions grimace );
plastic part (the study of muscles of the face in the form of stimulation and relaxation of various groups);
-percussion (warm facial tissues using vibration, which leads to compaction of the fibers of collagen and elastin);
-relaxation (relaxation of the guest after the massage)
The massage technique is exclusive and is based on ancient Ayurvedic and Polynesian technicala procedure can surprise your results!